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For the time being this is the only page available in English language. Until more content is provided, help yourself with some of my freewares.

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Excellence plugin  version: 1.11

This is a lister plugin for Total Commander which displays text and numbers from spreadsheet (xls) files created by OpenOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel and similar programs. It does not require any program or library to be installed on your system. Reads all BIFF versions.

Size: 308 KB.
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Playlist plugin  version: 1.06

Another plugin for Total Commander. This one lists contents of m3u and pls playlists and gives detailed information about every song in the list. You can play each song or copy song info or the list to the clipboard.

Size: 200 KB.
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Shadow Mouse  version: 1.1

This little one makes me proud. Its purpose is simple: turns middle mouse button (or clicking the wheel) into a left button double-click. It has simple but effective interface. Detailed help is provided.

Size: 242 KB.
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Minimizer  version: 1.0

This program lets you minimize any window by pressing Shift + Esc. Comes with my recognizable interface and detailed help.

Size: 239 KB.
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Desktop Fixer  version: 1.0

Program purpose: fixes the anomaly concerning ugly, single-color background under the desktop icon captions (all versions of windows prior to xp) by making the wallpaper visible under the icon captions. Another one of my install-and-forget-about-it utilities.

Size: 193 KB.
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Planpad  version: 1.0

This small program reliably keeps your notes, thoughts, plans and appointments. It’s based on one of the most important components of visual shell called Aston ( Basic functionality is almost identical but Planpad comes with few advantages: it supports multiple users and it is independent of graphical environment.

Size: 220 KB.
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That would be all for now. I do not plan to work on the english section of my home page for weeks, but any feedback will speed that up.

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